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Professional tax and accounting services in Cape Town

Money in Motion is a professional accounting practice based in Stellenbosch, Cape Town

The Money in Motion team is ready to assist you with our comprehensive range of financial solutions including:

Bookkeeping and accounting services

Tax consulting services

Payroll services

Income tax solutions

Fraud Examiner services

CIPC Company Secretarial Services

Money in Motion provides you with individualised tax and accounting services for total peace of mind in a challenging and ever-changing business environment

Our clients trust us to provide them with tax consulting services, accounting services, tax structuring and financial strategy that strikes a perfect balance between their company’s compliance needs with the South African Revenue Service requirements, and their specific business needs.

Why choose Money in Motion?

Money in Motion is a provider of tax and accounting services in Stellenbosch, Cape Town and around South Africa. With our history of over 20 years, we’ve become a trusted accounting and taxation services provider amongst small and medium-sized businesses in South Africa.

Comprehensive Advice

Money in Motion delivers a comprehensive range of individualised bookkeeping and accounting services and advice. Whether you are an individual, or a small or medium-sized business, our professional team is ready to assist you with our complete bookkeeping, accounting and tax consulting services.

Our customers benefit from our up-to-date accounting, taxation and payroll legal advice. You gain the peace of mind of having the best advice while you can focus on your business!

We’re Relationship focused

We are people-focused and our relationship with you is our top priority. When you work with Money in Motion for your tax and accounting services, you are not just a number to us.


You matter.

 We treat your business like it’s our own.

 After all, your success is our success!


Whether you’re an individual working for yourself, a small business or a medium-sized company, we want to work with you.

 Our accounting and taxation services are highly customisable to suit every budget. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that is affordable and effective for your specific needs.

Cutting-edge, unique services

Money in Motion offers a high-tech extremely unique Certified Fraud Examiner service.

 Fraud is rife and when it hits, companies are caught completely off-guard.


This cutting-edge service from Money in Motion assists companies with preparing for the impact of fraud through proactive planning, risk assessment, and – when the worst happens – we’ll be there to guide you through each critical step to ensure that you make the best decisions in a situation that is stressful and challenging.

The team at Money in Motion is ready to provide its expert bookkeeping and accounting services in Stellenbosch, Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa. We’re the specialists in helping businesses develop financial strategies fit for purpose!


Whether you’re in need of tax consulting services, accounting services or simply want to talk to a tax consultant near you,

please contact us today for a professional consultation!

Our services

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Money in Motion is a professional provider of bookkeeping and accounting services. From our offices in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, we’ve been fortunate to have worked with some amazing clients across multiple industries and professions.


Our team’s exposure to so many different financial scenarios has put us in a fantastic position to provide expert bookkeeping and accounting services professionally, effectively and comprehensively, to any company in any industry.

Here’s what you can expect:

Accounting officer duties including monthly Pastel, Xero, and Excel processing as well as all data capturing requirements.

Monthly or bi-monthly VAT calculations and submissions of VAT201 returns using SARS’ e-filing service.

Monthly management reports to help you stay on top of your business’ performance.

Compilation and presentation of Annual Financial Statements for Sole Traders, Close Corporations, Companies and Trusts.

Payroll Services

Managing staff wage payments and all of the data capturing can be a time-consuming, complicated chore. Let the Money in Motion team take that time, pressure and stress off your hands with our full payroll function.

This is what we offer:

Calculation of salaries and wages using either a payroll system or MS Excel.

Full payroll function, including the preparation of monthly and weekly employee payslips.

Full employer reconciliation service, as well as EMP501 returns and the issuing of IRP 5 or IT 3 (a) certificates.

Submission of the monthly EMP201 return to SARS via e-filing.

Income Tax Solutions

Our tax consulting service is one of our core functions that are enjoyed by the majority of our clients.


Money in Motion’s team are skilled income tax consultants and they’re ready to develop tax planning and structuring strategies that are tailor-made for your business and your needs.


You can look forward to us doing all statutory registration, including Income Tax, Provisional Tax, VAT and PAYE.


We’ll complete and submit all required income tax documentation for businesses, individuals and trusts. Where necessary, we will also file Notice of Objections and Appeals to SARS.


And of course, we will arrange Tax Clearance Certificates, Tax Residency Certificates, and Foreign Tax Allowance Certificates where necessary.

Tax Solutions for Business

Tax accounting is a key part of what it takes to run a successful business.


We will assist you with structuring your business in a way that best suits your needs and best resolves your tax obligations, without needlessly overpaying the taxman!


Our professional team of tax consultants will develop and implement systems or procedures to develop an accounting and tax system that works for you.

Company Secretarial Services for CIPC

Money in Motion is a registered agent with the CIPC. Through this, we are able to assist our clients with the registration of new companies, as well as the submission of annual returns to the CIPC.


Amendments to members or directors’, or changes of physical address will all be handled quickly and easily by our team.


Take the hassle out of the administration of your CIPC obligations and let Money in Motion’s accounting and taxation services experts handle it all on your behalf.

Fraud Examiner Services

Money in Motion is able to provide a unique and rare Fraud Examiner Service through our Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).


Owner and manager Jackie Grandcourt is a Certified Fraud Examiner through the ACFE in the United States.


Companies are generally unprepared to handle instances of fraud. When the worst happens, they don’t have a plan and are left scrambling to figure out the best course of action. This leads to bad decisions, costly mistakes, and worse.


Our CFE services will ensure that your business is prepared should you suffer major fraud.

We offer a variety of specialised CFE services that you won’t easily find elsewhere, including:

Decision making analysis:

Ensure that your teams are equipped with the best information and given professional assistance to navigate the stress and panic of a major fraud event.

Fraud response plans:

We’ll work with you to proactively develop and implement a Fraud Response Plan within your company. When fraud strikes, your teams will be able to follow step-by-step instructions on how to deal with it.

Fraud Risk Assessment:

What is your risk of fraud? How should you prepare? Let us show you how.

Business Partnership Dispute Assessments:

We’ll help you to ensure that you aren’t drawing the short straw in any dispute negotiation. Make powerful business decisions during stressful periods with our help.

Who are we?

Janus Joubert

Alan Brett

Janus Joubert (director) has 20 + years’ experience in Financial & General Management, Turn Around Strategist, Management & Business Advisor, International Tax and Group Structure specialist, Serving as Non-Executive Director on various Boards.

Janus has a degree in Master of Arts in Organisation Leadership (Cum Laude), Regent University, Virginia, US, 2009-2010.

He has a BCom Honours Financial Management, University of Pretoria, (Awarded ABSA Bank prize for top Honours Financial Management student), BCom Law from the University of Pretoria.

He is professionally accredited with SAIPA | Professional Accountant (Placed 3rd in the National Professional Accountant Board exam),

COTE | Centre of Tax Excellence: Registered and Qualified Tax Practitioner.

Alan Brett (director) is a registered practicing member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SA) since 2002. 

He holds a National Diploma in Financial Information Systems and is a registered Tax Practitioner with SARS.

He specializes in accounting and tax consulting services.

Skills and expertise include Trust Accounting, Tax computation and compliance for all tax types, SARS Liaison, Payroll Structuring, Internal Auditing, Financial Control, Deceased Estates Administration, Sales and Cost Analysis.

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