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3 Tips to growing your business the right way

Where would one start in sharing some basics about running your own business. Well, whether it be a small online company or a huge corporate financial firm there are always some principles that will definitely be applicable to most of us when venturing on our own.

Be patient and grow your business organically 

When I look at my own company Money in Motion I am always astounded at how making the right decision at the right time makes all the difference in succeeding or failing.
The accounting industry is filled with great opportunities. But if you make a costly decision to suddenly spend your hard earned money or the banks money because you think it’s the right thing to do but you haven’t considered if it’s the right time, you could end up causing unforeseen problems bit further down the line.
One of those problems will most probably be cash flow.
Being patient is key. Keep it in mind that you should rather prove a certain area of the business on the lowest possible budget before increase the spend. Let the company grow organically.

Be Selective in your business

From the very beginning in your business look for clients that need or want your services or products. There are a lot of businesses that push their services or products onto people who don’t need them. You will spend way too much time and energy in the wrong places diverting your attention to the continual struggle of getting everyone to get your service or product. This will certainly be counter intuitive for your business. This could shift your focus off giving the clients who want to be taken care of properly, causing a negative impact on your business.
Your clients will benefit so much more by being selective. Your company will gain a reputation with this approach. Try it, it works.

Give a little more from your business

I always find that if I over deliver it always has a positive outcome. Focusing on getting the job done is good but doing just that little extra goes a long long way further.
Where possible Money in Motion has gone that extra bit further for my client and it has built a trustworthy longstanding relationship with them.
The result… Money in Motion has received a consistent inflow of new clients and these were all attained by word of mouth. These new clients want to use our services. They are great clients that will always refer a friend or a business colleague to contact us at Money in Motion to render a proper Tax and Accounting solution.

For some inspiration head over to one of my all time favorite business speakers ‘Marie Forleo’ and watch this fun filled and very informative talk on youtube.




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